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Posted 13 December 2021

Is There a Common Good? Shaping the Present, Building Community


Winter Programme 2022

In this series of eight civic conversations for Northern Ireland and the Border Counties we will explore questions such as, ‘What kind of world would we like to live in by 2030?’, ‘What kind of world would we like for our children and grandchildren?’, ‘What things matter to us in shaping a common good shared by all?’. We will look at the totality of relationships which can shape the common good: –

  1. Our relationships with each other in Northern Ireland,
  2. Our relationships with each other on the island of Ireland,
  3. Our relationships with each other between the Islands of Ireland and Britain
  4. And our relationships with the earth.


31 January – Key Moments in Irish-British Political History

7 February – The Politics of Reconciliation


21 February – Just Economics

28 February – Making Friends with the Earth

7 March – Reconciliation and a Culture of Human Rights

14 March – Identity Politics: Stumbling Block to Reconciliation?

21 March – The Spiritual, the Social and the Human

28 March – The Common Good, Reconciliation & Totality of Relationships

Monday Evenings from 7 to 8:30pm via Zoom

Facilitated by Cathy Higgins and Johnston McMaster

Everyone is welcome. Technical support will be available.

Please email Kirstie at for a registration form.