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Posted 15 December 2021

Rural Voices

Shared History Fund

Rural Voices: “A digital archive of rural stories across NI, inspired by the last 100-years” 

Leave your local history, tales and characters for future generations.

The Rural Voices project, led by Rural Community Network (RCN) in partnership with the Nerve Centre, is collecting interviews from people who live across northern Ireland.

  • What defines where you live?
  • How has your rural community changed in the past100 years?
  • What makes you proud to be a rural dweller?

Help us uncover the true meaning of ‘rural’ and be part of something amazing.

Recorded interviews will be archived and brought to life through a new website that reflects different aspects of rural communities across Northern Ireland.

The project will create a digital archive of rural voices from across the country, talking about the past, present and future of their area. Some of these rural stories will then be transformed into a digital animation, capturing those accounts, which will be showcased at the end of March 2022 along with an interactive online platform. Interviews are being recorded throughout December through Zoom and won’t take more than 30-40 minutes. Recorded interviews will be archived and brought to life through a new website.

We are keen to capture as wide a range of diverse rural voices as possible and welcome contributions from all sections of the rural community, including BAME, LGBTQ+, women, sporting organisations, key institutions, business, agriculture, border communities, etc.

To get involved in this one-off opportunity, click on the following link or for more info contact or

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