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Posted 8 April 2021

Rural Residents’ Forum

Rural Residents' Forum

Rural Community Network has supported and developed the role of the Rural Residents’ Forum (RRF) in supporting rural tenants and residents to scrutinise housing issues from a rural perspective.

The Forum represents residents from rural housing estates across rural NI and membership is drawn from representatives across all six counties in NI and is supported by NIHE’s Rural Unit, Rural Community Network, and is attended by Supporting Communities NI.

The group has actively engaged with NIHE staff over key issues such as DSD’s Social Housing Reform Programme consultation and NIHE’s Community Involvement Strategy.

The Forum is a place for residents to share good practice, share experiences of their representation of their areas on various committees and to discuss issues common to rural residents across the region.   The residents have a keen interest in working to ensure all rural residents have access to information, advice and support. Issues which have been discussed range from concerns over the reform of local government, anti-social behaviour, digital outreach programmes and access to advice and support in health, benefits uptake and housing related matters. Many of the representatives are key volunteers within their own areas and they bring a high level of skill and expertise to this Forum.

RCN is committed to supporting local people to avail of opportunities to get involved with a Forum such as this one, and we provide training and support to help individuals to feel comfortable in being a part of the group.

Click here to download the Rural Residents’ Forum leaflet

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RRF Feb 2020

In This Together

This project was developed to try and showcase that even though we are all facing adversity and unprecedented times, community practitioners, community workers, volunteers and individuals are continuing to play a positive role. This shows true resilience and determination to help others.
Here are stories from residents of the Rural Residents’ Forum of what their communities have achieved showing how adversity has brought communities together even in a small way. We also want to showcase the best of rural communities and how individual and collective action has helped others.
Thanks to Housing Executive for helping with the funding for this project.