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Posted 21 July 2021

Rouskey Community Dev Assoc

This is part of a Rural Community Network Project called ‘In This Together Project’ giving positive community stories of how rural communities are coping in their community amid the COVID-19 virus.

The video is from Rouskey, a rural part of the Sperrins in Co Tyrone, N Ireland.

This poem was written by Brenda Conway from Rouskey

The world we know is different,
It won’t be the same again.
Where once we popped in here and there without causing any pain.
Parties and trips were cancelled, the world it did stand still.
No schools no clubs or holidays, but worse no curing pill.
Though some ignored the changes,
they were oblivious to the truth. No masks in shops or workplaces sure ‘Covid is aload of boot!’
No thought for those around them, their families or their friends. Their parents or the elderly didnt matter to them.
Its time to look around you,
To see what this has caused.
The suffering and the sorrow at what could have been more loss.
Its not too late to change it,
Just do your part today.
Please dont take lives for granted but make it safer for better days.
YouTube - Rouskey CDA