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Posted 27 July 2021

Omagh Forum

As part of Rural Community Network’s ‘In This Together Project’ telling of good news stories of how communities have pulled together during this COVID-19 crisis Aidan Bunting, Network Manager with Omagh Forum tells how the virus has brought the community together.


What actions have taken place at a local level during this pandemic? Have you been directly involved yourself?

Since the COVID-19 lockdown, Omagh Forum has been busy contacting local communities across Fermanagh & Omagh district to find out what support is being offered and to help coordinate that support.  Once the information was forthcoming, we agreed to submit it to be uploaded to the Fermanagh & Omagh district council website as the first point of contact.  One of our initial aims was to get information on the support available out to local people particularly those vulnerable and self-isolating.  In consultation with DAERA, Fermanagh & Omagh Council and our local rural networks we developed the idea of sending a postcard to all households in the district with relevant information of who they could contact for support.  The postcard has been arriving in people’s houses since last week and we have been contacted to ask for advice and support which is brilliant.

What are your hopes for the future?

The next phase is to keep in contact with local groups and capture the good work that is going on, particularly the new contacts that may have happened on a cross community basis.  Watch this space.



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