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Posted 1 June 2021

National Lottery Heritage Fund

Rural Heritage

The NLHFs Strategic Funding Framework 2019 – 2024 sets out to address under-representation in funding of areas that:
• Have received least funding in the past
• Experience deprivation

Using measures of NLHF spend per capita and standard indices of deprivation, The National Lottery Heritage Fund identified 13 local authority areas that displayed both criteria. Since April 2019 NLHF teams have worked strategically with stakeholders in those areas to identify the best way to meet local needs. The Strategic Funding Framework also explained that, where appropriate, NLHF would solicit applications for priority heritage projects in those areas. In Northern Ireland two project proposals were identified to target communities in particular need, one of which is RCN who has recruited a Project Co-Ordinator for this NLHF Project.

The RCN Project is called ‘Ours to Share’

Emma McAleer