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Posted 11 November 2021

The Code of Good Governance – 3rd edition


The 3rd Edition of the Code of Good Governance for voluntary and community organisations in Northern Ireland was launched in Trustees’ Week by the Charity Commission on behalf of the Developing Governance Group. RCN is a member of the group.

The Code of Good Governance sets out the principles and key elements of good governance for the boards of not-for-profit organisations including charities, voluntary, community, sporting, faith and social enterprises.  The aim of the Code is to help the boards of these organisations to develop high standards of governance and improve their governance practice.

This revised Code sets out five key principles that form the basis of the Code, together with the recommended practice.  The principles are not laid out in order of importance or priority; each of the five principles are equally important.   The principles are broad and generic so that organisations of any size or type can use the Code as a tool to support continuous improvement.

The five key principles of the Code of Good Governance are:

  1. Understanding its function in delivering organisational purpose
  2. Working as an effective team
  3. Maintaining control, making effective decisions and managing risk
  4. Acting with Integrity
  5. Being open and accountable

The Code of Good Governance is attached for download or you can collect hard copies of the Code from the end of November from any of the Developing Governance groups.

To download a copy click here