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“Lisnawilly” Historical Shared Affair

Cu Chulainn, St Bridget and King William:
30th August 2012 in the Lisnawilly House

Louth Women’s Network promoted the cohesive voice of rural women in building inclusivity in a shared future.  A one day event was held on the 30th Aug in Lisnawilly embracing the three historical legends; St Bridget, King William and Cu Chulainn and their shared linkages with Lisnawilly House, Dundalk.  At present the Lisnawilly house is owned by Sally Cox. The ladies of East Down Rural Community Network travelled from the Ards Peninsula to deepen the ties of friendship and to participate in the day. 

This event was funded by the Rural Enabler Programme, which is a Peace 111 funded programme, managed by Rural Community Network, aimed at addressing issues of sectarianism, racism, social exclusion and all other forms of rural inequality.

The day could be summed up by the Speaker on Cu Chulainn, Daragh Smyth. “Today was a memorial day, the sun was out and a triad of King William, St Bridget and Cu Chulainn filled the room.  The members participated and people mentioned that many attitudes, prejudices and established beliefs were challenged.”

Rev John Watson speaking on King William was delighted “To let people know the other side, a balanced account of the histories.  I really enjoyed being present and hearing what the other speakers on Cu Chulainn and St. Bridget”.

“Today was a day that we shared what we have in common and look forward to expanding our areas of interest to build a better community for ourselves and our neighbours “said Bernadette Nulty from Teagasc. 

“ Today was a journey where we learnt about the people behind these Historical legends not just about the facts” said Sharon, the Rural Enabler for Co. Louth.  “ We were inspired, we were challenged, we learned from each other.  The goodwill and ties of friendship was clearly evident, as was the realisation for the potential for sharing in the now and in the future”.

“As a people-centred programme,”  said Fintan Mc Cabe, the assistant co-ordinator of the rural enabler programme “with its aim of continuing Cross-Border Peace Building, I was very proud to be a part of this event, with lectures, music and walks, which took place on lands of historical significance at “Lisnawilly”.  The attention to detail in the way this project was organised was testimony to the commitment the Networks have, North and South, in building lasting relationships.  I particularly compliment the Louth Women’s Network on their creative approach, and was delighted that the Rural Enabler Programme was able to support the group in doing it their way.”

Sharon O’Toole
Rural Enabler (County Louth)
Mobile: 087 1630944