Ulster Scots course at Brownlow House, Lurgan

Coming Soon.
RCN, in partnership with the Ulster Scots Agency, is running an Ulster Scots course
at Brownlow House Lurgan
every Thursday from 3rd to 31st May 7 - 9pm.

The course is designed to provide a deeper, more detailed view of Ulster-Scots history and culture. 

Topics include:

  • the 17th Century Plantation of Ulster;
  • 18th-19th Century Ulster,
  • Home Rule and the Covenant,
  • Ulster-Scots today.

It will be an interactive and lively programme. There will also be an option to achieve an OCN Level 2.

Cost £10 per person.

Places are limited, please register with Charmain via email or phone RCN, Charmain@ruralcommunitynetwork.org 028 8676 6670