Gift Aid Fundraising for Charities, Churches, amateur sports

Are you up to speed with raising money from Gift Aid? This clear and practical course will give you all the info and materials you need to boost your fundraising by 25% from your small and large donations.

There are two sessions available on
25 January 2018 - 10.30am-1.00pm and 2.00pm-4.30pm
and they will be held in Rural Community Network, 38a Oldtown Street, Cookstown, BT80 8EF

Many charities are not making the most of the new Gift Aid Small Donations scheme for gifts up to £20 where declarations are NOT needed. Others are not claiming on different locations they work from and are missing out on up to £2,000 for community building, church, regional office, seminar rooms or community halls.

Many are also not confident on how the main Gift Aid scheme works and how to maximise income from donations, events, memberships and sponsorships, etc.

This course is ideal for those new and experienced Gift Aid to ensure you are making the maximum claim possible for past, present and future donations. Delivered by experienced Gift Aid Trainer, Neil Irwin MInstF (Dip) with access to practical resources and looking at best practice examples, this course can help volunteers, fundraisers, finance and trustees understand the opportunities to claim and avoid the audit pitfalls.

Tea/coffee and training packs will be provided. Visit and click on the relevant times below to book your place.