Outcomes Groups are consulting…

Your views are being sought about how to improve outcomes for children and young people and their families across Northern Ireland.  Five new multi-agency groups with membership from the statutory, voluntary and community sectors have been set up by the Children and Young People’s Strategic Partnership.  These Outcomes Groups are consulting about the most concerning issues affecting children, young people and their families in each of the five areas.   The responses received from this consultation will inform the actions plans for each area as part of the Northern Ireland Children and Young People’s Plan.

The consultation will run for 12 weeks and will end on 11 April 2012. Consultation documents from each of the Outcome Groups are available on the Health and Social Care Board website http://www.hscboard.hscni.net/consult/index.html


We will be encouraging as many people as possible to have their say, events and opportunities will be organised in each area particularly for children, young people, parents and communities.  We are most interested to hear your views either individually or in groups. 


We look forward to hearing from you and also would encourage your involvement in the planning process on an ongoing basis.  This is possible through a range of locality planning groups, participation processes and strategies for children and young people and for parents and is detailed in the documents.