Practice to Policy Papers

The practice to policy approach identified the key learning under a number of headings which encompasses the original seven programme themes and the three core objectives of the Programme:

Young People Building Peace
Breaking the Silence
Sharing Space
Leaders and Leadership

Programme Approach
The approach adopted by the programme was responsive to the needs of the individual communities who sought support and assistance. This included a baseline identifying other initiatives or opportunities and resulted in a bespoke Action Plan for the area. Many of those who we worked with were very aware of the issues in their area but were lacking the skills, confidence and experience to address. The Enablers brought these attributes, together with the availability of financial support, if required, and enabled the groups to begin the process of building peace. This approach was integral and fundamental to the success of the programme in achieving its aims and objectives in local rural communities.

Practice to Policy Papers
These Practice to Policy papers have been developed for each of the above themes and cover all seven of the thematic issues addressed through the Programme.

The purpose of these papers is to provide a concise distillation of the learning arising from the work of the Programme for policy at local and regional levels.