‘Getting to know your institutions’

Derry City Council and the Rural Community Network Rural Enablers Programme are organising an upcoming Community Relations course, which takes place over 6 weeks during February and March 2012.  The course aims to make people more aware of institutions such as the Orange Order, GAA, Churches, etc.  It will involve a mystery tour of visits to these intuitions in the Derry City Council area to find out about the history and importance of these institutions to their patrons.

Participants will get a chance to visit the premises of the institutions to take them physically into a space that they may not have been in before and it will give the institutions a chance to give different perceptions of their organisations and get rid of some myths surrounding them.  Participants will not know in advance which institution that they are visiting each week to make sure that people are open minded about the course and not self selecting.  Participants have to be able to attend all sessions which will be held on Monday evenings from the 6th February right through to 12th March.  Transport will be provided each week to get people to the institutions.

For more information contact Angela Askin on 7136 5151 or Kate Clifford on 8676 6670