October 15th 2020 - NI Coronavirus

Coronavirus: Northern Ireland to go into four-week partial lockdown

On Wednesday 14th October, the Northern Ireland First Minister announced closure of businesses and schools as well as new limits on gatherings. The new rules take effect from Friday, 16th October at 6pm and are to last for four weeks with the exception of schools, which will close for two weeks.

  • No mixing of households in private dwellings (bubbling limited to 10 people from 2 households). A bubble is defined as another household with whom you have close physical contact
  • No overnight stays unless in a bubble
  • Gatherings in gardens limited to 6 people from no more than two households
  • Shut down of the hospitality sector, apart from deliveries and takeaways.
  • Schools to close for two weeks from Monday 19th October (including half term break) and will be reviewed.
  • Restaurants, Cafes, Pubs and Bars will close on Friday at 6pm
  • Fast food and takeaway businesses will have to close at 11pm
  • Shops and Off-licences will not be allowed to sell alcohol after 8pm
  • Gyms only to open for individual training - no classes will be permitted
  • No indoor sport of any kind or organised contact sport involving mixing of households other than at elite level
  • Close contact services (apart from those meeting the defined essential health requirements) will have to close
  • Mobile hairdressers and make-up artists will be prohibited from providing their services in people's homes
  • Wedding and civil partnerships will be limited to 25 people and "no receptions" will be permitted.
  • Funerals will be limited to 25 people, with no pre or post-funeral gatherings permitted.
  • No non essential travel (guidance)
  • Colleges and Universities to offer as much remote “distance learning” as possible
  • Work from home encouraged if it is possible
  • Face coverings now mandatory when entering and exiting a place of worship
  • No mass events with more than 15 people
  • The retail sector will also stay open at this time.

Some of the restrictions will be in law through regulation whilst others will be in guidance. Everyone is legally required to comply with the regulations.

Everyone has their part to play to stopping the spread of the virus in the community by limiting your contact with others; regular handwashing, wearing of face coverings and good social distancing.